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Author: Michael Webb

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Guarantee: 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee



New York Bestseller author Michael Webb states that “not just any stroke will do”.  Yes, that’s right, fellatio can be performed incorrectly!  Michael reveals that some men actually prefer fellatio over sexual intercourse.  Nearly every man enjoys it.  So, if you aren’t including this important aspect in your sexual relationship with a man, you could be missing out!

Some women are unsure of how to perform fellatio and nervous about doing it.  Michael addresses these issues in his book.  He also discusses proper techniques for before and during fellatio.  Additionally, this book was definitely written for women because there is no crude or vulgar language; only the information you are looking for in a way that you can understand.

Michael Webb has helped thousands of men and women achieve a more fulfilling relationship.  His sexual and intimate expertise has been featured in every newspaper in the country, major magazines, and popular shows like Oprah and The 700 Club.  Michael is said to be “Mr. Romance” by many of the media outlets.  Who better to learn how to perform this wonderful part of intimacy than a man that understands women?!

Blow by Blow Claims

  • No vulgar or inappropriate language
  • Learn the 5 things to do before fellatio
  • Make him orgasm faster
  • Specific hand placement that will intensify his enjoyment and orgasm
  • No more worrying if you were good enough
  • Step by step guide
  • Help him to achieve an orgasm unlike any he has ever had before
  • How to become more confident performing oral sex
  • 15 techniques that help him reach climax

Blow by Blow by Michael Webb eBook Review: The Good & The Bad


  • Delivered in a tasteful manner
  • Addresses concerns about insecurity
  • Techniques that are easy to understand
  • Techniques that you have probably never heard of
  • Money back guarantee
  • Giving the man in your life the best orgasm in his life


  • Blow by Blow is not available in stores


“I always heard these stories about how men would do just about anything for one.  But I had tried it several times, and when I asked him how it was, it was always just ‘okay’.  I thought that maybe he was one of the guys who just didn’t care for it much.  Anyway, got the book and realized I was doing a few things all wrong.  Last night I tried a couple of the more advanced techniques you describe and my guy was actually beginning to have spasms.  When it was over he gave me the most passionate, deep, wet, sensual kiss ever and told me over and over how much he loved me.  Thanks for helping us take it to the next level.”


“I got the Blow by Blow book and thought at 34 years old that I knew just about every thing there was to know about doing down on a man and the tip where you do ______ while going down on him, drove my boyfriend absolutely WILD.  I can’t wait to finish reading that and start with Stroke by Stroke!!  Thanks for the books, we thank you very much.”

Final Thoughts…..

Just as you wouldn’t want your guy to do just any old thing when he is performing oral sex on you, you should take care in what you do for him.  However, advice for properly giving oral sex to men is very limited and much of it is given in a very lewd manner.  Michael Webb’s book, Blow by Blow addresses all of your concerns, give you techniques that will drive him crazy, and he does it all in a manner that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable.